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The Blueprint: …BGP…what a DRAG.

Okay. I been sick for about a week. Just now really starting to get my swagger back.

I have identified through my studies of the past 2 weeks that I need to focus more attention to BGP. Very important and complex protocol. Go figure…it is the protocol that runs the Internet! So it must be important right?

So this is what I have decided to do… This entire weekend Saturday and Sunday. I am going to put all my energy and resources into Workbook VOL1 BGP Section 7.1 – 7.61.¬† YEAH 7.1 – 7.61. That means my goal is to work though all 61 scenarios in this section. This is the second largest section of the workbook (QoS is the first). Sounds crazy. I admit it is…but that’s how I roll. NFL championship weekend doesn’t make this easier. None the less, I have to master this topic. I have the basics under control. Things like BGP Communities and filter techniques I need to master. Pretty much everything ūüôā No sweat. I got it under control…just need to focus and not rush through it. Baby steps.



Verizon Wireless iPhone

For those out there STILL waiting for an iPhone to be offered on Verizon Wireless network, your wish may become a reality tomorrow. WSJ has reported that Verizon and Apple will make the announcement tomorrow. The phone wars are getting interesting by the moment.

AppleInsider | WSJ: Verizon to announce CDMA iPhone 4 on Tuesday

The Blueprint – Week 5 and 6

I hope everyone has gotten off to a great start for the new year. I certainly feel that I have.

With the New Years holiday, I took some time off work and made some rounds visiting relatives and friends so I had to take off quite a few days of study. Overall, I think I’ve managed my time well and have been able to get in some good study time in during the holidays.

This is where I stand as of today:

I’ve¬†worked though Volume 2 Lab 1¬†and Lab 2 as of Sunday Jan 9th, 2011. I think this is pretty good considering I took off about 4 days off this past two weeks. INE recommends that you do 1 lab per week. I managed to get through these two labs (not even rushing through them) and did all my review of VOL 1 scenarios this past weekend.

VOL 1 scenarios have become a thorn for me. This is not necessarily a complaint but more of a “I wish I had…” type of thing. I wish I had another rack of equipment¬†… BIG WISH ūüôā¬†This is why I wish I had another rack:

When I’m working on VOL 2 full-scale labs, If I get stuck on a specific task during the lab, the workbooks do a very good job of providing the exact reference to the VOL 1 scenarios to practice. For me, I would like to review the VOL 1 explanation and I would like to¬†practice the¬†actual scenario…however, since my rack is already¬†loaded with the VOL 2 lab, it would be dumb for me to wipe my lab and the load the scenario. If I had a second rack, I could just maintain my VOL 2 lab…and then use the second rack to practice the VOL 1 scenario in parallel. Huge wish, but this would make my study go much smoother. I tend to spend lots of time loading VOL1¬†scenarios…im still pondering a quicker way…im thinking Dynamips¬†but not sure yet. Right now, what I do is just mark the task for review, then I input the solution configuration and move on to the next task. At the end of the lab, I go back to all my marked tasks and review the VOL1 reference and do the actual scenario if I feel I need the hands on practice. Lastly, I always make sure I can find the configuration on the Cisco DOCs online.

This week, I will start on VOL2¬†Lab 3. This lab has a difficulty of¬†8…so this should be much harder that the previous¬†two labs.¬†I also plan to continue to squeeze in VOL1 scenarios (Security, IP Services, System Management).

That’s all for now. Thanks again for stopping by.

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This will probably be my new Phone…

The CES Show in Vegas is proving to be one of the best shows in recent years. All the big guns in technology are showcasing all of their new toys.

Although there are many new techno gadgets and electronics to talk about, this GEM caught my eye. This looks to be the Android phone that I’ve been waiting for!

Motorola Droid Bionic