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The Blueprint: INE VOL2 Lab #7….!@*#$

I just had to do a quick post to describe my experience with INE VOL 2 Lab #7.

one word…BRUTAL!!

Maybe it’s just me and maybe I’m over reacting but this lab smacked me in the face so hard. From a difficulty rating, this lab is rated 9 (10 being the hardest). Labs with this high of a rating is said be be harder than the actual lab. THANK GOD! One good thing about these practice labs…if you can master these, you should be able to work your way though the real lab with a good chance of passing on your fist attempt.  Talk about a relality check.  I can’t complain though because that’s what this is all about. If it were that easy to get the CCIE…I would surely pass it up. Anything worth getting should be this difficult.

I’m going to hold INE to their word:

“We are dedicated to helping you pass your exam on your first attempt..”

I’m keeping to my study regiment (25-30hrs per week) and following some of their recommendations…we’ll see how it turns out…*Brushing my shoulders off…popping my collar*  I’m good.