The Blueprint: Finished INE Vol 2…don’t talk about it, be about it.

Freedom Tower - New York City

Freedom Tower - New York City

It’s been a while since my last BLOG. I figured I’d just worry more about actually studying instead of worrying about blogging….don’t talk about, be about it.

Yesterday I finished up all Workbook Vol 2 Labs. I can’t say that I did very well on all of them but I can say I worked though all of them the best that I could and I took my time to review each task. My goal was to get though the entire workbook and make sure to review each technology they laid out. This is quite a long drawn out (brutal) process and I’m not even sure if INE actually expect you to finish all of them.

My approach was as follows:

1. Start the lab and go through each task.
2. If I got stuck on a task, I looked in VOL 1 for the technology in question and tried to use their examples to work through the task.
3. Along with this, I made sure I was able to find the technology topic in the DocCD online. (FYI Cisco just recently changed their web site slightly)
4. If I got totally stuck, I used the solution guide to input the correct configurations, marked the task as a review topic and just kept it moving.
5. After I completed the Lab, I watched the technology video that corresponded with the topics I marked for review and went though some of the DocCD online. I sometimes even practiced it over if I felt I needed to.

That process took me about 1 week per Lab. On a good week, I would knock out 2 labs.

I had to push my lab exam date to October. No need for me to rush this….this is a Marathon. For me, as long as I keep a good pace and not over study, I find myself being able to retain the information better. It’s hard to believe that I’ve been at this for 1 year. I passed the written last year, July 10th. I built my home lab in December and I have been preparing ever since. When I look at the actual time spent, I’m pretty much on track. Early on, I found myslef studying when I was too tired. Not the best thing to do because I’d have to go back and re-read or watch the videos over again. Now, when I get tired, I just stop and do something else. I’m averaging about 20 – 25 hrs a week (Mon-Sun).

Cisco Live was this past week and I got some updated information on the CCIE R&S Lab. No IPv6 RIP on the exam. Troubleshooting section is all virtual Cisco IOS on Unix. Look for L3 and L2 troubleshooting. Some tasks may be dependent on others! No QoS in Troubleshooting. They still say you get about 10 tickets with a total of 22 points to be had. Some tickets may have multiple faults in them. That’s about it for the major stuff…but everything else is fair game.

My rough study plan for the next 12 weeks will go down like this:

– Goal #1 ….I have to get in a Mock Lab within the next 2 weeks. I have to really get an assessment on where I am now.
– In the mean time, I plan to work through all the troubleshooting labs sections in Workbook VOL 2. There are 10 of them. If I do one every other day, I should be able to get through all of them by the end of this month (early next month).
– I also have Workbook VOL 3. I plan to go though that to work on my speed with the configurations.

We’ll give that a shot and see how it goes for the next few weeks.

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ComputerConcpets, L.L.C.


2 responses to “The Blueprint: Finished INE Vol 2…don’t talk about it, be about it.

  • David Rothera

    Nice post, sounds like where I hope to be quite soon!

    I was under the impression that you had to attempt the lab within 6 months of passing the written exam, is this not the case?

    • cisconinjanc


      Here is what Cisco says:

      Written Exam: Expiration
      Candidates must make an initial attempt of the CCIE lab exam within 18 months of passing the CCIE written exam. Candidates who do not pass must re-attempt the lab exam within 12 months of their last scored attempt in order for their written exam to remain valid. If a candidate does not pass the lab exam within three years of passing the written exam, he or she must retake the written exam before being allowed to attempt the lab exam again.

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