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The Blueprint: Back in action…

Okay…I took a break (longer than I wanted to) and now I’m back in study mode for my second attempt at the CCIE RS Lab exam. Since failing my fist attempt in October,  I took a break from the everyday study however, I have been casually going through the INE practice labs on my home lab just so I would not get lazy and rusty with the configurations.

I don’t plan on blogging as much during this phase because I just want to focus more on the study and not worry about documenting everything I’m doing to prepare. My goals for this attempt is to work on speed and to make sure that I have practiced trouble shooting as much as I can. I also what to focus a little more on QoS and the IP Services related topics.

I have a tentative schedule to sit for the exam in June ( I had to reschedule it). This will give 3-4 months to get back into the routine of studying everyday and really immerse myself into the materials again.

My goals are as follows:

I have decided to try to dedicate at least  15 – 20 hours per week (Mon – Sun) to study. I will work this plan for the next 2-3 weeks and see how it goes. I would like to increase the amount of hours but I don’t want to overdo it and burn out to early into the process.

Week  1 – the plan is to cover Layer 2 topics such as:
Trunking, Switching, Bridging, VTP Private VLANs , SPAN , RSPAN, PPP, Spanning Tree, Tunneling and Troubleshooting.

Week 2  – the plan is to cover Layer 3 IGP topics such as:
RIP, OSPF, EIGRP, Route Redistribution and Troubleshooting.

Week 3 – the plan is to cover BGP related topics and do any review of Layer 2 and Layer 3 topics. I will also use this week to review more troubleshooting.

I will see how this first phase of study goes and adjust accordingly. I’m not sure when the next BLOG post will be but you catch me on Twitter…I’ll probably be shooting out some quick updates on my progress.

Good luck to those out there on this path…let’s make this year a good one for the CCIE hopefulls.

Mickal Speller (aka CiscoNinjaNC)