The Blueprint: TCL Script

Just a simple TCL script that I typed up that copies multiple files from a USB drive to FLASH on a router. Without the script, I would have to baby sit each file copy. With this script, you run it once, and it copies all the files to FLASH. This will come in real handy becasuse I have 200+ flash cards that I have to copy these files to.


proc copy-usb-flash {} {
exec “copy flash:home.shtml usbflash1:”
exec “copy flash:cpconfig-28xx.cfg usbflash1:”
exec “copy flash:cpexpress.tar usbflash1:”
exec “copy flash:home.shtml usbflash1:”
exec “copy flash:HOME.TAR usbflash1:”
exec “copy flash:securedesktop-ios- usbflash1:”
exec “copy flash:sslclient-win- usbflash1:”
exec “copy usbflash1:”

##Type this to trigger the script to run


Still on the path to CCIE. Will finish review of MPLS and IP Services…and will shoot to finish 2 practice labs this weekend . Projecting a second Lab attempt in September.



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