Monthly Archives: February 2013


Just a quick post….

I will be attending the 10 day INE CCIE Bootcamp on March 11th – 22nd. Leading up to the boot camp, I have been reviewing and redoing all VOL 2 Labs…again. Currently, I am on Lab 10 and hope to be completed with at least another 2 labs before class actually begins. For the week leading up to the bootcamp, I’ll just practice the trouble-shooting workbooks.

I noticed that most of my review after each lab shows that QoS is where I have the most issues. I tend to be okay with MQC and FRTS configurations… but the wording and just knowing which Q0S technology to use is confusing at times. I’m hoping that I will learn a new method for managing some of these types questions.

Overall, I know what my weaker areas are and that will be my focus…making sure I’m tight and “robot” like when it comes down to the core technology configurations…and work on speed.

But make no mistake, I will be totally focused on ALL topics and hope this course puts me over the top with helping me pass the lab.

I will TRY to post at least once during the 10 day bootcamp to give readers my perspective on the course. From what I hear, this is the mother of all training courses…8-10 hours a day…non-stop CLI. I’m so excited! So if I have time, I will try to post..but know that the focus will be on class and absorbing as much information as I possibly can.