About CiscoNinjaNC

If blogging was a sport, I’d be the Michael Jordan of baseball. Yeah he won several championships playing for the Chicago Bulls. Yeah he will go down as one of the greatest athletes in all of sports. Yeah he’s a Hall of Fame Athlete. All of those facts made a hill of beans when he decided to step in front of the plate to swing a baseball bat with/against guys who have been playing the game for as long as he’s been dunking and shooting fade away jump shots. However, Jordan did hit a home run once in his short career as a minor league rookie.

With all of the odds stacked against him, he made an attempt at a sport that he loved but was never his calling. I’m no blogger. I like technology and I have based my professional career around learning about it and begin good at it. This blog will contain some fun computer tips and tricks for the average computer users…my thoughts about technology…what I see out there in the field…my opinions about technology…and to stimulate others to think more about technology and how it may impact your life and others around you. For the hardcore Network Engineers out there, I will also use this blog as a way to reach out to current and future experts. I will document my personal journey towards CCIE certification in hopes to help others reach their goals in this challenging but rewarding profession.

I may not ever hit a home run (just one would be nice) but this is my attempt at it. Follow my journey.

“..you must think first before you move..” -some guy from a Kung Fu flick


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