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Just a quick post….

I will be attending the 10 day INE CCIE Bootcamp on March 11th – 22nd. Leading up to the boot camp, I have been reviewing and redoing all VOL 2 Labs…again. Currently, I am on Lab 10 and hope to be completed with at least another 2 labs before class actually begins. For the week leading up to the bootcamp, I’ll just practice the trouble-shooting workbooks.

I noticed that most of my review after each lab shows that QoS is where I have the most issues. I tend to be okay with MQC and FRTS configurations… but the wording and just knowing which Q0S technology to use is confusing at times. I’m hoping that I will learn a new method for managing some of these types questions.

Overall, I know what my weaker areas are and that will be my focus…making sure I’m tight and “robot” like when it comes down to the core technology configurations…and work on speed.

But make no mistake, I will be totally focused on ALL topics and hope this course puts me over the top with helping me pass the lab.

I will TRY to post at least once during the 10 day bootcamp to give readers my perspective on the course. From what I hear, this is the mother of all training courses…8-10 hours a day…non-stop CLI. I’m so excited! So if I have time, I will try to post..but know that the focus will be on class and absorbing as much information as I possibly can.




The Blueprint: TCL and EEM

In the previous post, I showed a simple TCL script that I used to copy multiple files from a USB stick to the CF(Flash) card of the router.

I took this a step further and wrote an EEM script that initializes and kicks off the TCL script once you insert the FLASH card into the router. I got lazy and didn’t want to perform any key strokes. With this setup, you don’t have to type any commands in the router! Pop the CF card in the router and boom…instant auto copy!

Here’s the EEM script that I wrote:


event manager applet USB
event syslog pattern “%FILESYS-5-CF: CompactFlash inserted ”
action 1.1 cli command “enable”
action 1.2 cli command “tclsh usbflash1:TCL/usbtoflash.tcl”
action 1.3 syslog priority debugging msg “FILE COPY COMPLETE”


This EEM script is configured on the router that I used for all the copies. The TCL script file, usbtflash.tcl, is saved on the source location(in this example, it is the USB stick plugged into the usbflash1 slot on the router) along with all of the other files I want to copy to FLASH.

This just a small example of what you can do when you combine EEM scripting along with the TCL scripting. This script can be modified to your liking…Have fun!

….gosh those CCIE numbers are getting higher and higher…hopefully I can get one before they hit the 40K mark.


The Blueprint: TCL Script

Just a simple TCL script that I typed up that copies multiple files from a USB drive to FLASH on a router. Without the script, I would have to baby sit each file copy. With this script, you run it once, and it copies all the files to FLASH. This will come in real handy becasuse I have 200+ flash cards that I have to copy these files to.


proc copy-usb-flash {} {
exec “copy flash:home.shtml usbflash1:”
exec “copy flash:cpconfig-28xx.cfg usbflash1:”
exec “copy flash:cpexpress.tar usbflash1:”
exec “copy flash:home.shtml usbflash1:”
exec “copy flash:HOME.TAR usbflash1:”
exec “copy flash:securedesktop-ios- usbflash1:”
exec “copy flash:sslclient-win- usbflash1:”
exec “copy usbflash1:”

##Type this to trigger the script to run


Still on the path to CCIE. Will finish review of MPLS and IP Services…and will shoot to finish 2 practice labs this weekend . Projecting a second Lab attempt in September.


Verizon Wireless iPhone

For those out there STILL waiting for an iPhone to be offered on Verizon Wireless network, your wish may become a reality tomorrow. WSJ has reported that Verizon and Apple will make the announcement tomorrow. The phone wars are getting interesting by the moment.

AppleInsider | WSJ: Verizon to announce CDMA iPhone 4 on Tuesday

This will probably be my new Phone…

The CES Show in Vegas is proving to be one of the best shows in recent years. All the big guns in technology are showcasing all of their new toys.

Although there are many new techno gadgets and electronics to talk about, this GEM caught my eye. This looks to be the Android phone that I’ve been waiting for!

Motorola Droid Bionic