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ComputerConcepts Racing (Motonica Build) – Part 1

CiscoNinjaNC is back with more of my Motonica Build (a.k.a ComputerConcepts Racing)

I’m still in between studying for my CCIE LAB Exam. At this time, I am procuring Cisco gear so that I may start build my home practice lab. I have decided not to do the online rack rental thing such as GradedLabs because they just simply don’t fit into my schedule.  With GradedLabs, you have to buy lab “tokens” and then schedule rack time. Sometimes racks are not available on the day(s) that you might want to study. Also, the time slots for the rack rentals does not fit into my schedule. Basically, I don’t want to have to worry about scheduling rack time and hoping there are slots available. When I get into my “zone”, I want to be able to study non-stop whenever I want to. I just decided to pretty much start from scratch and purchase everything I need because the few routers I have are VERY old (1700 series) and I am unable to run the necessary IOS images. I also need to purchase at least 4 switches. If you recall, when I passed the CCIE Written and my CCNP track, I used GNS exclusively and learned much of the Layer2 stuff just by having experience working on the gear for years during my employment with various companies.

My plan in the next few weeks is to begin my Ebay bidding to start purchasing all the routers and switches I need. In my next series of Blogs, ” Journey to the CCIE”, I will list all of the gear I need and what I have purchased along with the costs. This should give my readers a snapshot of what It may cost if you decide to build your own lab. Plus, if I plan to obtain multiple CCIE certs, building my own lab will be ideal for study.

Enough of that for now…let’s get into the Montica Build! Here are a few slides presented to you by ComputerConcepts, LLC. Check out www.compu-con.net to learn more about ComputerConcepts! Enjoy

Factory Shocks and Springs…no Mods here. After assembly, I filled each shaft completely with oil and then bled the excess oil. This may waste a bit of oil but this worked best for me.

Novarossi Engine. New out of the box.

Stay tuned next week for more pictures presented by ComputerConcpets Racing. If you are into RC racing and/or know people who are, drop me a line!

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In-between Studying…

Everyone deserves bit of downtime right?. In-between studying, I have developed a pretty cool hobby. Check it out!

These are all of the parts after the un-boxing. (engine, exhaust, tires sold seperately)

This is what it looks like after assembly.

This is a picture of the car with the clear un-painted Body. I’ll be painting it soon!

If you are wondering what this thing is…this is a Motonica P81 Pro 1/8th Scale RC Nitro gas powered car.  This car can do upwards of 80 mph (more depending upon the modifications you can do!). I’m still not fully completed building it and I have yet to take crank up the engine. I have taken loads of pictures that I took during this build. I will be posting them on future BLOGs.

If you are into 1/8th Scale on-road racing or know someone who is, drop me a line!

Stay tuned for more!